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The Uusi Ääni mixed choir

Encouragement and gospel
Young and fresh music. Gospel. Classic pieces. Contemporary music. Psalms. We want to bring comfort, refreshment, encouragement and the good news of God's love. Our choirmaster, Tommi Hekkala, is an enthusiastic, creative and professional aesthete. Our choir currently comprises of 16 members. Our name Uusi Ääni is Finnish and means “new voice”.

Our first album Balsamia (Balsam)
During spring 2015 we recorded our first album, Balsamia. The name of the record comes from the negro spiritual Balm in Gilead. In figurative speech balsam signifies a cure and comfort, something we also hope this music can bring to others as it has brought to us. We have held and continue to hold concerts with the music from this album at local congregations. 

Demo video

The history and future of Uusi Ääni
The cantor Taru Pisto founded the choir in 2008 in Oulunsalo congregation. Since then we have enriched the musical life in our church, premiered works from Juha Pisto, performed with other local choirs and taken part in a large choir ensemble featuring the Oulu Symphony Orchestra, Anna-Maria Helsing as the conductor and soprano Soile Isokoski as one of the soloists. 
From autumn 2015 to autumn 2017 our choirmaster was cantor Pirjo Mäntyvaara. From autumn 2017 to spring 2018 our choirmaster was cantor Anna Kälkäjä. In autumn 2018 our choirmaster was cantor Tarja Sakko. Since January 2019 our choirmaster has been cantor Tommi Hekkala. In February 2016, we started collaborating with pianist-organist Miikka Lehtoaho, who has brought jazz styles and improvisation to our concerts. Our goal is to continuously develop and to bring joy and unite people through music.
Uusi Ääni at Spring 2017.
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